Music is a powerful tool for the retail store. Store owners or managers can use music to influence consumer behaviour, motivate employees, increase sales, and even the lengthen the amount of time a customer stays in their store.

There is an extensive amount of academic research on the influence of music on consumer behaviour, particularly on tempo and volume. For instance, background music at 70 decibels is scientifically proven to be optimal for shopping while music of a slower tempo invites customers to relax and spend more time in a store.

Studies have also shown that music is a low cost and high return way to communicate one’s brand to their audience. Globally, hundreds of thousands of businesses have leveraged the power of music to communicate their brand. Some of the most successful examples of these companies include: Apple, Starbucks and The Gap.

The Facts


of Canadians think that music impacts the ambiance of a retail store


of Canadians like to hear music being played in retail stores


of Canadians think music adds to their retail shopping experience


of Canadians believe the music a business plays impact their brand

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