Playing music in your restaurant can be an important tool to enhancing your customers’ experience. In fact, research shows that music can play an equally important role as decor or menu design when it comes to determining the ambiance of a restaurant.

Music can influence consumer behaviour. Research shows that up-tempo music can increase the amount that people eat, while playing loud music in your restaurant can increase alcohol sales.  The power of music doesn’t stop there: when you play music from a specific country, like France or Germany, customers are more likely to purchase wine from that region.

In branding, music is an increasingly popular instrument for communicating your brand identity to consumers and attracting the type of consumers you want.  For instance, classical music played at a lower volume appeals to a senior demographic while new music played at a higher volume, appeals to a younger demographic.

The Facts


of Canadians like to hear music playing in restaurants


of Canadians think music impacts the ambiance of a restaurant


of Canadians think music adds to their experience of a restaurant


of Canadians think music helps relieve awkward silence or tension at restaurants


of Canadians are more likely to return to a restaurant that plays music they like

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