Most coffee shops recognize that music has value. Starbucks even has an entertainment section on their website where they ask: “What would the coffeehouse be without great music? Well it wouldn’t be Starbucks, for one thing.”

Studies show that music can enhance the flavour and experience of your food. Play Kenyan music while sipping on Kenyan coffee and feel transported to Africa with every sip.

Slower music can even help relax your customers; making them a little more patient while they wait in line.

Music can also be a low-cost and high-return way to differentiate your coffee shop’s brand from others. For instance, if you are an independent coffee shop, bring that message home to your customers by supporting and playing local, independent artists.

The Facts


of Canadians like to hear music playing in cafés


of Canadians think music impacts the ambiance of a café


of Canadians are more likely to return to a café that plays music they like


of Canadians think playing the right music can be beneficial to a business

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